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What We Do

A short story 

Take a minute to picture your perfect suit. Got it in your mind? Good. Hold onto that for a minute.

Jack Suits makes 100% custom clothing. We are focused on making you the best-fitting  suit, made with the best quality materials and at the best price. We also like to throw in a unique "treat yourself" experience for each customer.

We come to you for consultations, measurements, and delivery. Relax at home, or at the office and let us do the work of getting your suit made and delivered to you. All you need to do is come up with your next dream suit.

Rest assured knowing that every suit is either personally made or Inspected by Jack Suits' founder and master tailor himself, with over 20 years of experience guiding his hands.

We have two production options. the first is MADE TO MEASURE or MTM. These suits are carefully produced under the watchful eyes of Master Tailors in our facilities in Thailand.

The second option is BESPOKEThese suits are handmade by Jack Suits founder here in Utah.

Our fabrics are sourced from the finest woolen mills in Italy and England, and are all handcrafted to your unique size and specifications.


If we deliver the suit and it isn't perfect, any needed alterations are on us. You bought the suit. It's our job to make it perfect.

Remember that perfect suit you pictured? Sit back and let us make it for you.

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