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About Us

A Short History

Our Story

Jack Suits started as a coincidental merging of talents and a strong desire to look good. 

Long time friends, Joey (Right) and Dave (Left), met in high school and bonded over music. They shared a dream of working for themselves one day and often talked about how to make it happen.

One summer, Joey and Dave got together over some nachos. Dave was engaged to be married, and really wanted a custom suit for the wedding. Being a poor college student however, he found that a typical custom suit was a bit outside of his budget.  Joey, as it turned out, had experience with sewing. An idea was born that day. Something along the lines of "why don't we just start our own custom suit company?" was said. 

Now here we are almost 10 years later outfitting hundreds of people with their own custom suits 

Joey's Story 

Our Master Tailor, Joey, found himself with some sewing skills at a young age. When people ask him "how did you get into this?" you'll often hear him reply by simply saying, "Vanity". 

Around 12 years old, Joey realized he was quite attracted to women and, in turn, wanted women to be attracted to him. With the arguable influences of movies featuring Brad Pitt and Matthew McConaughey, Joey decided he, at the very least, needed to dress better. He approached his mom and asked why his button down shirts were all so "poofy". It turned out his mother knew a bit about sewing herself, and showed him how to dart a shirt. After that he was hooked. 

Now, over 20 years later, Joey is still at it. Managing to turn his hobby, birthed by vanity, into a passion and a career. and looking good doing it. 

Master Tailor, Custom Suit

Joey doing some alterations on his mom's old machine

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