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Custom Printed Fabrics 

This is where we make a brand new fabric, just for you.

We offer the experience of bringing your imagination to life. Or at least show it off as a suit. 

custom fabric, custom suit

01 Pick your Theme

Whether it's your favorite band, your favorite team, or maybe Lord Of The Rings, we want to make your vision a reality in the form of a very dapper suit. 

02 Design your suit fabric

Here we get to collaborate a bit. We get to discuss pattern and color options. You get to work with our fashion consultants and our professional graphics team to make your vision come to life on your personalized custom fabric. 

custom fabric, custom suit
custom fabric, custom suit

03 Design your lining

The heart of the suit, like anything else, is on the inside. Have fun coming up with a way to express the heart of your suit in the lining. 

04 Rock the suit 

We put the time in with the fabrics, with the linings, with the customization and fit. Now theres only one thing left to do. Impress literally everyone you meet. 

custom fabric, custom suit
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